Coding challenges

  • A Code Player. This is a little bit of practice using the <textarea> element and some jQuery to create a JSBin like code player. The containers automatically resize to the window width by calculating the percentage width of each active section. Built with HTML / CSS / jQuery and a little Bootstrap styling.
  • A Postcode Finder that uses the Google Maps Geocoding API to find a postcode from an address. Built with HTML / CSS /jQuery / AJAX and styled again, with Bootstrap.
  • A little Weather Predictor app that uses HTML / CSS / jQuery / PHP and a little Bootstrap styling.
  • Secret Diary. An app for recording your thoughts. Built with HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL and a sprinkling of Bootstrap styling. (Currently not live. Link to GitHub repo.)
  • Random colour grid generator Built with HTML / CSS / Vanilla Javascript.
  • Well, this very site, hand-forged from HTML and CSS in the fires of Sublime Text.
  • #100DaysofCode


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