A Little About Me

I believe the web should be accessible to everyone and everyone should have access to the Internet.

Some of my strengths and areas of interest

  • Communicative
  • Responsive
  • Logical thinker
  • Interested in open source
  • Interested in the Circular Economy
  • Interested in the Civic Tech
  • Interested in the human impact on the planet
  • Keen on Responsive Web Design and Progressive Enhancement

My Portfolio

small business website screenshot.

Small Business Website

Semantic HTML & CSS from a design comp

I created this concept site with hand-coded HTML5 and CSS from a Photoshop comp. The site is a fixed layout and uses floats for the 3-columns but I hope to make it a responsive layout in a future iteration.

portfolio site screenshot.

Single Page Portfolio Website

Semantic HTML & CSS from a design comp

Another hand-coded site. This time a fixed-width, single page layout incorporating a floated grid layout. All images and dimensions were extracted from the comp. Again a site that I will convert to a responsive layout in the future.

election map screenshot.

Election Map Project

Exercise in Using Floats for Layout

This little project demonstrates some DOM manipulation in JavaScript including factory functions.

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